Summer Promotions

Summer Skip A Pay Options available for July & August

Amount Limits, Terms and other details:
– Members may skip two July or two August Loan payments (bi-weekly) or 1 monthly loan payment.
– Member may choose the month that they prefer to skip:   July 13 & 27 or August 10 & 24.
– The loan payment amount will be put into the member’s share account for their use.
-Each loan approved for Skip A Pay will be charged a fee of $31, to be deducted at the time the first skipped payment is placed into their share account.
-The $30 is the fee for the Skip A Pay program and the $1 will be a donation to the Credit Union Foundation.
-Payments not received through payroll deduction must have the $31 fee per loan included with the application.

Member understands that by receiving approval of their Skip A Pay Application that they agree to extend the life of the loan for the number of payments skipped, which will include the extension of interest payments and Credit Protection (Life & Disability) payments (if applicable).

To be eligible, loans must:
– have at least 4 months of timely, consecutive payment (Bi-weekly & monthly)
– HCE FCU loan payments are current and accounts are in good standing.

Program Dates:
July 13 & 27 (2 biweekly or 1 monthly payment)           request must be received by June 18
August 10 & 24 (2 biweekly or 1 monthly payment)     request must be received by July 23

Additional information regarding the program:
– Signatures for all parties on loan must be included.
– New Beginnings, 2nd Beginnings, New Beginnings Auto and No Credit Loans are not eligible to  participate in Skip A Pay.
– Mortgage Loans are not eligible to participate in Skip A Pay.

Download the Skip A Pay Form Here


Up to $10,000 at a rate of 10.99%  for a payment period of 48 months.
Must have an Equifax credit score of 680+ to qualify.

New Beginnings Auto Loan now available

Up to $16,500 at a rate of 14.99% for a payment period of 48 months.

Restrictions apply: member must have at least 6 months good payment history with a New Beginnings Personal Loan or be a HCE Credit Union member in good standing. Payments must be made through payroll deductions or ACH. Vehicle must be 2013 models or newer.

Home Mortgages Now Available Through Howard County Education FCU

Great Rates NEW ! We Now Offer 30 Year Terms! 80% LTV (Loan Amt to Value of Property) Professional Local Service A Variety of Loans to Suit Your Needs Call Financial Security Consultants, Inc. Our Mortgage Partner 410 823-3300 and ask for a Loan Officer

Save With Sprint, the NOW Network! Why Throw Away Your Money?

Join the 1 million credit union members nationwide that are already saving over $74 million on their wireless plans! Howard County Education Federal Credit Union is pleased to bring our members these major savings through the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan.

Ways You Can Save

10% off most regularly priced Sprint individual service plans 15% off most regularly priced Sprint business service plans Waived activation fee on new activations Waived upgrade Fee Call 877.SAVE.4CU (877.728.3428) and let them know your a credit unon member.

Ask to be a part of the NACUC_Z Corporate ID to Save. Sprint will ask to see verification of your eligibility as a member of the credit union.


Visit your nearest Sprint Store Credit Union Membership Requirements to receive discount Sprint is pleased to offer monthly discounts to credit union members.

To ensure the continued integrity of this program, members must periodically provide documentation to help verify eligibility to receive the discount. New customers are required to fill out a verification form within 14 days of activation. Current credit union customers are required to provide proof of discount eligibility (credit union membership) when upgrading their device if it has been 20+ months since their last validation. The validation process is a very simple one and takes just a few minutes to complete. Verification will help to ensure that members continue to receive the great benefits that Sprint extends to members.

For both new and existing Sprint customers to receive the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount, they must fill out a verification form. To receive the discount, members must complete these important steps:

1. Confirm discount eligibility by showing proof of their active status as a member * Credit Union check * Unexpired credit union debit/credit card * Current statement of account issued within the last 60 days * Membership card with member’s name

2. Accept discount program offer and required new two-year Agreement (for current customers only; new customers with a new-line activation and two-year agreement have met this requirement)

3. To make this process easy, members can visit, and can select “fax or upload verification”. They will be forwarded to where they can complete and upload the form and attach their proof right to the site. Members will be automatically reminded if they forgot to include their proof.

Or members can fax the attached form and their proof of eligibility within 14 days of service activation or new discount application to the sprint corporate Accounts Department: 913-523-1987 or toll-free to 877-687-8211 . Once Sprint validates the information, usually within 5 business days, a confirmation email will be sent. If Sprint has questions, they will contact members directly at the wireless number they provide. It takes 1 to 2 billing cycles for them to see the discount on their invoice. Members must ensure the following information is clearly displayed on their proof of eligibility: their name and their credit union’s name. Members should black out completely or delete all confidential information, such as social security number, credit union account numbers, credit card numbers and salary detail.

Sprint is not liable for confidential information that you do not black out or delete. Members will not be considered affiliated with credit union and will not receive any service plan discounts until Sprint receives and validates their Request for Discount and Eligibility form. Sprint is unable to issue retroactive credits.