HCE On-Line

HCE On-Line Banking

HCE On-line Banking is available to our members. To begin your access to this service, you must first complete the HCE OnLine Authorization Form and bring, fax or mail it into the office. Please read the EFT Agreement & Disclosure Statements. Once you receive an E-Mail from us with your password you may begin using your HCE OnLine Banking Service.

Surcharge  – Free  ATM Locators

Online:  www.hctafcu.org > HCE OnLine > ATM Locator
Text:  address, intersection, or zip to 692667 (MYCOOP)
GPS:  www.co-opfs.org > ATM Locator > GPS

To report a lost, or stolen or compromised ATM/Debit Card call: 888-241-2510
If you are out of the country phone:  Collect-909-941-1398

Address Changes 

You can now request an address change through the OnLine system.  However it is not an automatic change.  The system sends the change to our email and a staff member completes the change.

Reminder for Our ATM /Debit Card Holders!

Every time you swipe your ATM / Debit Card your account will immediately recognize the transaction. When you go into HCE OnLine you may see two amounts. The first will include your available funds together with transactions that have not yet been completed. The second will be your available funds. This breakout will help you you see how your money has been used by you and will help you to avoid costly overdraft problems.

When you go into your HCE OnLine account you will also be able to move funds from your Share (Savings) to Share Draft (checking) accounts in real time (or vise versa). This will allow for quicker access to funds even on weekends and holidays when the credit union office is not open.

If you have questions about the process please feel free to contact us at 410 461-2257 during regular business hours.

OnLine Access Resets

When accessing your account through the HCE OnLine system you are required to maneuver a number of security questions. If you enter passwords or security answers incorrectly 3 times you will be locked out of the system. To reset the account for access you will be required to call the office during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5)

To protect the privacy of your account information and to verify that the person requesting the access reset to the account is the member on the account, we will not accept emailed reset requests.

ATM / Debit Cards

The cards will work through your Share Draft Account (Checking) so if you don’t currently have a Share Draft Account with the Credit Union you will open one at the time that you apply for your Card. Once you apply, the cards will take about two weeks to process.

Each card will have a specific card number for each member. If a husband and wife both apply for a card, they will not have the same card number. This is a safeguard for you in the event that your card is lost or stolen, allowing the other member on the account to access the account with their card. Remember to contact the Credit Union or the CO-OP number on the back of the card ASAP if your card is lost or stolen, or if you think that it has been compromised.

When you receive your new card, be sure to activate it promptly with the number on the front sticker on the card. If you wait too long to activate, the voice on the phone will prompt you to call the Credit Union and we will be happy to activate your card for you. Once you are activated, you will want to make sure that you have money in your “21” account (that would be your Draft Account). You can do this by calling us to move funds or do it yourself on the HCE OnLine.

Bee OnTime bill pay and Bee Linked mobile banking Now Available

This NO-Fee service is available to all of our Share Draft Account holders. To begin the program you must have a Share Draft Account (checking) linked to your Share Account (savings). All transactions with the Bee OnTime bill pay program and Bee Linked mobile banking will flow through your Share Draft Account. Please note that even if you try to pay your bills through your 01 Share (savings) account we cannot process them and they will be returned.

The link to Bee OnTime will be on the HCE OnLine page after you sign-in, so if you aren’t already signed up for HCE OnLine, now is the time to get that in place. Once you are at the Log in Page Bookmark that on your phone or computer for easy access.  For security reasons never bookmark after you have logged into your account.

Bill Pay P to P transactions:
You may process an individual P to P transaction of up to $1,000.00 per transaction, $2,000.00 per day total.

Another free financial service to serve our members better!

E-Statements Are Now Available

To set up for E-Statements you will need to log into HCE OnLine and you will see a tab labeled View Statements, where you can set up your account and then pull up your statements. You will be prompted to type in your email address; then click in the box below the word “statements”. You will be sent an email at the address that you just typed in, which will include the disclosure statement and a CODE at the bottom of the page. You must retrieve the CODE to complete the set up. Fill in the CODE to the window that appears. To view your statement click back onto the View Statement tab.

E-Statements are available only after the end of month processing has been completed (the last day of each month). Account information prior to March 1 2012 is not accessible on E-Statements but can be accessed by clicking on the History tab in HCE OnLine.

Reminder: Checks requested on all accounts through Electronic Banking may not exceed $1,000 each. See Service Agreements and Disclosure Statements for more information.

Helpful Hint: If you get a message that you cannot connect to the HCE OnLine due to pop up blocking you will need to hold down the “Ctrl” key when you click on the HCE OnLine Link.