Personal Loans

Share Account Rates and Service Fees

Share Account Rates
Quarter Ending 12/31/2019
Account Type Div. Rate APY
Share Account 0.40% 0.41%
IRA Share Account 0.30% 0.30%
Term Share Certificate Call for Current Rate **


Early withdrawal from Term Share Certificates may affect Dividends.
** Term Share Certificate Rates change monthly
Share Dividend Rates are subject to change
APY – Annual Percentage Yield
APR – Annual Percentage Rate

Service Fees
Description Fee
Check Return/Redeposit $25.00
Dormant Account: after return of 3 statements $5/qtr
Stop Payment $12.50
2nd or 3rd party check (3+) $5.00
Statement Copy Request $5.00
Credit Report Fee $15.00

Home Mortgages at HCEFCU

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Personal/Signature Loans

Until further notice, the following Personal/Signature rates will be in effect according to the following terms:

Signature Loan
$1,001—$ 10,000
11.99% APR 13.99% APR 14.99% APR
Up to 36 months Up to 36 months Up to 36 months
$ 33.21 $ 34.17 $ 34.66
Monthly payment per $1,000
*Depending on credit history
Platinum Loan
10.99% APR
Up to 5 years
Monthly payment per $1,000
Must have an Equifax credit score of 680+

Holiday Loan up to $6,000
30 mo. monthly or 65 bi-monthly payments
10.99% 11.99% 13.99%
monthly payment per $1,000
$38.29 $38.76 $39.71
available Oct 14, 2019 – Jan 24, 2020
Prior holiday loan must be paid off with this loan.
No Credit Loan
15.00% APR
12 month term
Monthly payment per $1,000
For those with no credit history

Other Personal Loans

Existing loans with Howard County Education FCU are not eligible to be refinanced through Howard County Education FCU. Rates Effective 1/01/2016 and are subject to change without notice.

$1,001—$ 5,000
10.99% APR 12.99% APR 13.99% APR
Up to 24 months Up to 24 months Up to 24 months
$ 46.60 $ 47.53 $ 48.00
Monthly payment per $1,000
Now available year round

Back to School
5.99% APR
12 months
Monthly payment per $1,000
Now available year round
Home Improvements
up to $10,000
10.99% APR
48 months
Monthly payment per $1,000
must have an Equifax credit score of 680+
Up to $10,000
8.50% APR
Up to 4 years
Monthly payment per $1,000

New Beginnings Loans

New Beginnings
17.99% APR
12 months
Monthly payment per $1,000

Payments must be made through payroll deductions or ACH.

Beginning August 1, 2018 you must be a member of the credit union for at least 6 months to apply for the New Beginnings Loan

Second Beginnings
16.99% APR
18 months
Monthly payment per $1,000
For members who have successfully completed paying off a New Beginnings Loan. No late payments on previous or current NB Loan. If one NB has been paid off & have a current NB loan the current loan can be refinanced up to the $1800 limit at the new rate. Must be an ACH or payroll deduction payment.
New Beginnings Auto
Up to $16,500
14.99% APR
48 months
Monthly payment per $1,000
6 months of good payment history with NB Loan or 6 months CU member in good standing. Payment must be made through payroll deductions or ACH. Models 2015 and newer only.


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