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Our goal is to keep our members and our staff as safe as possible from contracting the Corona Virus.  to this end we have put into place a few very specific precautions that will allow our members to access their funds with as little disruption as possible.  To comply as much as possible with the government’s sheltering at home regulation we are asking our members to limit their visits to the credit union to essential services only.  Those essential services would include:

  • To get cash please call ahead. We will issue a check that we will either mail or you may pick up at the office.  Call when you get to the parking lot and we will bring it out to you.  You can take the check to the PNC drive through in Long Gate or on RT 40 to get your cash.
  • signing paperwork for a loan settlement, and that is by appointment only and only the member who is signing on the loan will be admitted into the office area.

ALL other financial services can be accomplished by mail, phone, FAX or email.

  • Both cash deposits and check deposits can be made by putting them in an envelope (name, acct number and amount on the envelope) and putting them through the door slot. This is secure and is processed every business day.
  • New membership applications can be sent out by mail.  Completed forms can be mailed back or put through the door slot.  Please note that we will need a copy of the applicants driver’s license with the application. This includes all individuals who are on the application.
  • Loan applications can be downloaded off of the website,  please submit them with your most recent pay stub via one of the avenues listed above.
  • Cross Account Transfer forms, Online Applications, Checking Account Applications and other misc. forms can all be sent by mail, FAX or email.
  • If you have questions about your account or our services please feel free to give us a call or email us.

We will continue to offer the essential financial services to our members in a manner that protects both our members and our staff. Even as we bring your transaction out to your vehicle, we ask that you wear a face covering to limit any possible exposure.

NEW OFFICE HOURS BEGINNING MARCH 19, 2020.  9 am to 1 pm  Monday – Friday.

  •  Heightened cleaning and sanitizing efforts are in place in high traffic areas.  We are wiping down all surfaces where members and staff might touch, and wearing gloves to handle money and checks.
  • We are requesting that if you can complete your transaction online or on phone that you refrain from coming to the office.
  •  All Account Holders can use the Online Access. If you need assistance getting set up Online please call the office.
  • You can call the office to have a check mailed out to you.
  • You can deposit checks or cash through the door slot (make sure you use an envelope with your name, account number and the amount).
  • The office will stay open with the adjusted hours if you need cash, but we encourage you to use your debit card at one of the 50,000 fee free ATMS.
  • If you do not have a checking account with us consider setting one up so we can get you a debit card which will allow you to access your funds via an ATM.

We hope that you will not be inconvenienced and will do our best to provide the best financial services possible during this health emergency event.

ANNUAL MEETING AND BOARD ELECTIONS   Have been postponed.  We will reschedule at a later date to be determined.

BEE APPy APP  is here.  Download our new APP.  Go to either the Apple Store or Google Play and search HCE FCU to down load our little Bee.

Haven’t been on your HCE FCU OnLine Account for awhile and now it won’t let you in?

The system is set up via our programmers to shut down the access to OnLine if you haven’t gone into it for 30 days or more.  This is to protect your account.  If this has happened to you just give us a call and we can re-enable your account.  To avoid the problem altogether just log into your account on a regular basis, check your balances and make sure everything on your account is correct.  Please  contact our office if you need more information.

New Mortgage Partners

We want to thank Financial Security Consultants for their many years of wonderful service to our customers and wish them all well in their retirement.  We are pleased to welcome as our new mortgage partners Freedmont Mortgage Funding.  We look forward to many years of collaboration and service to our members.  To contact Freedmont Mortgage Funding you can call 888-955-8508 or send an email to Jay Delmont (NMLS# 144185) to Make sure that you mention that you are a member of Howard County Education FCU.

BIZ KID$ Program

In celebration of our 65th Anniversary we were looking for a way to give back to our membership community.  We submitted a grant to the National Credit Union Foundation to purchase Biz Kid$ kits for each of the 21 middle schools in HCPSS.  We won the grant and will be presenting the kits to the middle school FACs teachers at a Presentation Event in December.  Go on line to Biz Kid$ to see the fun financial education programs that our middle school students will get a chance to enjoy.

Dejardins Award Winner !
The Howard County Education FCU wins First Place in Maryland and Second Place nationally for our asset level.  The Dejardins Award is in recognition of Youth Financial Education Programs.  Our youth education programs include the Millionaire’s Clubs, work with the Academy of Finance Board of Directors and Student Interns.